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Pre-Vocational Doctors


Deciding which speciality to pursue can be confusing. A career in General Practice is rewarding and challenging and can deliver a unique, fulfilling lifestyle for you and your family.

Useful link: From student to Specialists - steps to progress to a Specialist career


General Practice Training in Australia

There are various pathways to being recognised as a General Practitioner in Australia. The endpoint of any of the pathways is either:

It is important to be aware that each of the GP training programs has specific eligibility criteria. Applicants need to review their eligibility for each GP training program. 

RDN has produced a summary of the Fellowship Pathway options. For a more comprehensive guide to the pathways, the Australian Government Department of Health has produced the General Practice Training in Australia available here.  

Further information on each pathway is here:

> Australian General Practice Training (AGPT)

AGPT Fellowship pathways, delivered by GP Synergy. Applicants to AGPT can choose from a general or rural pathway. From 2021, applicants will also be able to select a Rural Generalist (RG) Pathway.
Learn more about AGPT

> Remote Vocational Training Scheme

The purpose of the program is to train doctors in remote communities for remote communities.
Learn more about RVTS

> Royal Australian College of General Practitioners - Practice Experience Program (RACGP-PEP)

RACGP-PEP is a self-directed pathway to RACGP Fellowship in MMM 2-7 locations.
Learn more about RACGP-PEP

> Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine Independent Pathway

ACRRM (IP) pathway is a Rural Generalist pathway.
Learn more about ACRRM (IP)  

> NSW Rural Generalist Medical Training Program

This pathway leads to a career as a rural Medical Practitioner with advanced skills in a chosen specialty, e.g. Emergency Medicine/Obstetrics.  
Learn more


Alternative pathway into rural General Practice - More Doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP)

MDRAP provides opportunities for junior and overseas trained doctors to work in a general practice position, interacting with experienced rural general practitioners in a supported environment while applying for a GP training pathway. In NSW, RDN administers the MDRAP program.

Learn more about MDRAP.


The RDN team can provide general information about pathways to Fellowship - email us or call 02 4924 8000.