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Outpost Bulletin

Outpost is RDN's bulletin for the Outreach Program community of local fundholder organisations, visiting health practitioners and other stakeholders who work to deliver Outreach services across NSW and the ACT. 

Our aim is to share relevant program data, useful updates, and innovative outreach models that are improving access for rural and Aboriginal communities.

Please contact the RDN Outreach Team if you would like more information on any of the featured services or if you wish to contribute to future issues. 



Recent Issues:

Outpost Vol 8, Issue 1 (April 20)

Outpost Vol 7, Issue 1 (Dec 19)

Outpost Vol 6, Issue 1 (Sept 19)

Outpost Vol 5, Issue 1 (Oct 18)

Outpost Vol 4, Issue 2 (Jul 18)

Outpost Vol 4, Issue 1 (Oct 17)

Outpost Vol 3, Issue 4 (Aug 17)