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Locum Incentives

RDN offers subsidies to doctors who are registered as locums with RDN and complete eligible advertised roles.

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Travel Subsidies

RDN’s Travel subsidy may be available to eligible practices to offset costs and promote direct placements; thereby avoiding extensive agency fees. Locums must be registered with RDN and complete eligible advertised placements where the Locum will be covering leave for a permanent GP of the practice. The subsidy will be paid to the practice to cover the cost of the Locum's travel. The subsidy can be paid to the Locum if they cover their own costs for travel in consultation with the practice. Practices that source a Locum via a recruitment agency or are using a Locum for workforce shortages will not be eligible for the subsidy. Travel Subsidies may be available up to the following amounts.

Eligible subsidies will be paid at the end of the Locum's placements and cannot be backdated. Please contact RDN If the Locum leaves before the placement is complete.

Please contact RDN’s recruitment team locums@nswrdn.com.au to check eligibility for the placement.


MMM Location  

3-5 GP locum days worked 

6-20+ locum days worked  

Max. annual allowance/GP  

MMM 3*



Up to $1,600 p.a

MMM 4 - 5



Up to $2,000 p.a

MMM 6 - 7



Up to $2,400 p.a

*Locums engaged by an ACCHs in any MMM location may be eligible to access the same subsidy offered to MMM3 placements. 

Locum Attraction Subsidy

A remote location attraction subsidy of $1,000 is available for independent doctors who complete an RDN locum vacancy of 5 days or more in a MMM 6-7 location. Doctors must be registered with RDN to receive this subsidy.

To review your location’s MMM classification, visit DoctorConnect.