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RDN Locum brings wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit towns across rural and regional NSW

25th September 2023

Dr Danny Beran loves being Australian, he loves Australian history, has a passion for Indigenous health and has a map of Australia with 40 white pins and a small number of yellow pins. The white pins are indicative of the towns he’s already visited, and the yellow pins symbolise a wish-list of places he plans to explore, and be of service to, as a Locum GP with the support of RDN.

With more than forty years of uninterrupted clinical experience under his belt and, having served as a Locum GP in every state and territory in Australia, including multiple remote Aboriginal Medical Services, RDN is pleased to welcome Dr Danny Beran as a Locum GP in NSW.

In 1983, Dr Danny founded the Eastern Suburbs Medical Service, a home visiting after-hours medical house call service that acted on behalf of over 100 medical practices. It was here that he worked until 2014, and estimates to have completed more than half a million home visits!

Dr Danny Beran

Still an active VR GP with clinical experience in a diversity of settings both locally and internationally, it was over the last four years of his accomplished career that Dr Danny had a reorientation towards rural and remote work, completing over 30 Medical Locums mostly to exclusively indigenous populations. His formal interest in Indigenous Health stems back as far as 1983 when his first book, Billy Reids Sore Skins, was published and contrasted Aboriginal skins treatments with more traditional western thinking.

In 2021 via RDA NSW he made, and had accepted, a submission regarding Strategy to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into rural health and currently serves in volunteer roles as Adjunct Senior Clinical Lecturer in the School of Medicine, University of Notre Dame and Board member, University House; Australian National University (a post graduate centre of international excellence).

As an author, history guide, father, grandfather and active tennis player (amongst many things), Dr Danny brings a unique, and much sought-after, set of skills to the practices and communities who encounter him during his Locum work.

With a passion for rural Australia, he rates Broken Hill, NSW and the Pilbara, WA as two of his favourite places and describes the regional communities he’s worked with as typically strong, resilient and grateful.

“They are appreciative, and aware of the scarcity, of healthcare delivery and the quality of regional community life is so much stronger…people are there for each other,” Dr Danny said.

“I have enormous admiration for the workforce in regional Australia. I love visiting small and regional communities and I see the challenges that are involved, including the limited capital and human resources, and think what my work colleagues are doing, particularly the GP Generalists, is awesome.”

Dr Danny proactively makes it his mission to immerse himself in the culture of each town he visits as a Locum and looks forward to learning about the history and uniqueness of each community.

“I suffer curiosity,” Dr Danny laughed. “I love seeing parts of the country I’ve never seen before and guarantee to make it my business to know what the underlying activities on offer are in each town, wherever I go."

Speaking about the support he’s received since working with RDN’s Medical Workforce Consultant and Locum Consultant, Chariss Portlock, Dr Danny said it’s been a great experience and praised RDN’s model of service.

“It’s been a delightful process and the model of service offered by RDN with travel subsidies; in order to assist a doctor needing leave, is strategically very clever. I have greatly appreciated having a point of contact with Chariss, who’s been enthusiastic and highly motivated. I have appreciated the support – win, win, win,” he said.

Asked if he would recommend Locum work to others, Dr Danny replied with a confident “yes”.

“This is some of the most enjoyable and satisfying work I’ve done in my entire medical career,” he said.

“You need to be very clear regarding your professional strengths and competencies, as well as your weaknesses.”

“‘As long as it stays interesting and I can be of service and I am appreciated, being a Locum is delightful work. I feel it is a great privilege to still be in service. I am grateful to be a mature doctor, to assist my colleagues, learn about what I don’t know and see parts of the country I’ve never seen before – it is a great opportunity!”

What are the perks of being a Locum with RDN? Our Locum program:

  • Offers travel subsidies for placements of eligible Independent Locum Doctors (ILDs) 
  • Facilitates and supports the placement of locum doctors
  • Provides locum information and advice
  • Provides access to our unique locum match system; saving time and effort searching through a large volume of vacancies

Find Out More About the RDN Locum Team:

If you would like to find out more, call the Locum Team on +61 2 4924 8000 or email locums@nswrdn.com.au 



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