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RDN helps Nimbin Medical Centre secure its newest doctor

21st August 2023

‘Excited’ is an understatement for the team at Nimbin Medical Centre who, this month, welcomed the newest doctor to their valued team following the successful appointment of Dr Sam Green which “would not have happened without the help of RDN”. 

These are the words of Nimbin Medical Centre’s Practice Manager, Kim Bevan, who worked tirelessly with RDN to follow through on a commitment she made to already existing patients, and the rapidly growing community of Nimbin, to attract and secure another doctor by August 2023 after being down a doctor since March.  

“It is with a great sense of relief and excitement that we welcome Dr Sam Green, who brings another element of fresh knowledge and enthusiasm to our already existing, great, balanced team of doctors,” Kim said. 

Dr Green is an ACRRM Independent Registrar and has taken on three new patients each day since joining the Centre last week. According to Kim, Dr Green has already “taken so much pressure off the front of office staff and existing doctors”.

Nimbin Med Centre (002)

“Since Sam started, we have been able to reduce wait times, offer more timely appointments to our existing patients and offer new appointments to a wider section of the community,” Kim said. 

“Sam is fully booked for his first two weeks and is fulfilling a community need. He offers such a great, fresh energy and to be honest, we wouldn’t have known about Sam without RDN!” 

RDN has worked with Kim to offer advertising assistance and promote the vacancy to all suitable GPs that expressed interest in the region, before arranging an interview between Sam and the Centre and keeping all parties engaged and in the loop throughout the process. 

“I really rely on RDN – they are just fantastic as they answer all my questions. Jessica Yuen,  Recruitment Team Lead at RDN, is fantastic; she’s on the ball, a great communicator, kept me updated and always phoned in to check up on me and tie up any loose ends and just offered great support.” 

Kim said everyone in the Centre has been excited to welcome Dr Green as everyone genuinely cares about each other. “We have a strong focus on making sure everyone’s happy. The staff knowledge is invaluable and they’re professional and we genuinely care about our patients so it’s great to be able to offer more services and timely appointments, to the community.” 

Whilst RDN was speaking with Kim, Dr Green popped his head through the door between patients and was informed that RDN was on the phone.  

Without hesitation he could be heard yelling out “RDN? Oh they’re great!”  

RDN is excited to continue working with Kim, Dr Green and the team and, once Dr Green settles in, looks forward to following his journey at Nimbin Medical Centre to hear how he’s settling in. But for now, Dr Green’s priority is meeting as many patients as possible in the town he and his family now call home.

RDN’s Workforce Team acknowledges funding received from the Department of Health and Aged Care which makes success stories like this more possible. 


Image: Dr Sam Green (centre) with Nimbin Medical Centre administration staff, Billy (left) and Rachel (right)

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