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Wagga Wagga hosts doctors and med students to talk wellbeing, connectedness, and capability

21st July 2023
Frosty winter weather did not deter Murrumbidgee Local Health District (LHD) doctors from attending last week’s Wellbeing, Connectedness, and Capability programs in Wagga Wagga - the opening events of the ‘Grow. Connect. Thrive. Be Inspired’ initiative.

Frosty winter weather did not deter Murrumbidgee Local Health District (LHD) doctors from attending last week’s Wellbeing, Connectedness, and Capability programs in Wagga Wagga.  

As the opening events of Rural Health Pro’s Grow. Connect. Thrive. Be Inspired program, conducted in partnership with Doctors’ Health NSW and with support from NSW Health, the three tailored activities across two days were open to all JMOs, senior doctors, and medical students in the LHD. 

As well as providing an informal opportunity for doctors and students to connect, the forums provided opportunities to participate in facilitated discussions that focused on leadership, building healthy teams and collegial support. These topics were chosen to build skills and understanding of the value of peer connectedness in building individual capabilities. 


Doctors in Training Wellbeing Forum


The Doctors in Training Wellbeing session, which took place during dedicated pre-vocational training, was the very first activity to be delivered under the new program. Interns and residents undertook collegial activities and engaged in conversations centred on their wellbeing and capability, as well as their contribution to professional and organisational culture. The session also provided time for personal reflection. 

“The facilitated sessions provided a great opportunity to not only build connections, but also provided the opportunity for some self-reflection – I won’t take things so personally and I now recognise that support channels are there for a reason.” 


Medical Leadership and Connection Forum


Meanwhile, at the Medical Leadership and Connection Forum, JMO and senior doctors engaged in a series of activities on ‘Leadership in the Real World’, ‘Values at Work’, ‘Leadership and Listening’ and ‘Words of Wisdom’. Discussions were facilitated ‘speed-dating’ style where participants rotated through each activity providing opportunities to share experiences with a range of peers.  

“I really benefited from the discussions and insights from doctors at all levels. Human connection between doctors, giving yourself permission to talk and connect outside of work, definitely contributes to a healthier workplace.” 


Medical Student Wellbeing Workshop


The final event was the Medical Student Wellbeing Workshop in which students explored learning strategies to support not only their own wellbeing but also the wellbeing and capability of their peers. 

“The bushfire awareness strategy – and applying the same strategy to my life as a doctor was really eye-opening – and will be beneficial in many ways in the future.” 

In a brief survey, doctors, and medical students from across the three activities were asked if they would recommend the program to a colleague or attend a future session. 100% said ‘yes’! 

With the program a resounding success, the three-part program will now go on to be delivered across the state over coming months. 


More information

For more information about Rural Health Pro and the collaboration with NSW Health to deliver resources and initiatives to staff, please email info@ruralhealthpro.org.

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