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Doctor’s return to clinical practice made possible with help from MDRAP

11th January 2022

For NSW doctor Dr Daniel Mealey, the More Doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP) - administered by NSW Rural Doctors Network in NSW - has been the perfect way to return to clinical practice after several years away.  


“To any doctors reading this having taken time off work, I highly recommend MDRAP!” he says. 

MDRAP allows non-vocationally registered doctors to work in rural regions and access Medicare. The Program also offers a support package, with funds to facilitate the supervision and education of MDRAP doctors, thereby easing the burden for both clinicians and practices.  

Dr Mealey explains how MDRAP is helping his return to practice. 

“I took time away from clinical practice as a junior doctor after an Afghanistan deployment. When I returned, I decided to work in a volunteer capacity, largely helping homeless in Sydney to navigate the complexity of finding homes and services. I found this very fulfilling, so much so that before I knew it, three years had elapsed and I was facing mounting challenges returning to a clinical role,” he says. 

RDN found a vacancy for Dr Mealey at the Queen Street Medical Centre in Moruya August last year. The team at the practice helped him find a home nearby, on the beach in Congo – which Dr Mealey refers to as a perfect slice of heaven – and have been providing ongoing supervision and training. 

Dr Mealey feels he can’t recommend the recruitment services offered by RDN enough. 

“It's very hard for any doctor to step into the unknown, to trust others to give accurate and timely advice, particularly when time is ticking on a career requiring an immediate clinical placement. Engaging with MDRAP was much more than simply being linked with a job. The RDN Medical Workforce Consultant assigned to my case truly understood this as well as my training and supervision needs, and she synthesised a perfect plan within 24 hrs, removing any previous anxieties,” he explains. 

“The Queen Street Medical Centre could not possibly have been a better fit. I needed extra supervision and training, and the medical and administrative team have created for me the most ideal return to clinical practice. What’s more, the patient demographics in Moruya are very diverse, and as a result I'm getting tons of exposure to really interesting medicine, in a really supportive training environment,” he adds. 

MDRAP is open to Australian citizens and residents, and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) – including permanent and temporary residents – who meet the guidelines for the program. Find out more about MDRAP.  


RDN recruitment services 

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Photo: Dr Daniel Mealey

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