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Outreach Student Placement Program

About the program 

The Outreach Student Placement Program provides up to 100 selected medical, nursing and allied health students in NSW/ACT with the opportunity to shadow an Outreach provider in a rural or remote community. Available Outreach providers include GPs, physiotherapists, nurses, optometrists and many more across other disciplines. All travel, accommodation and subsistence costs will be covered for these placements.

Placement locations and durations may differ each year due to the involvement of different Outreach providers. In 2022, the placements must be undertaken before 30 June.

You will find a list of outreach providers that are participating in the 2022 program here when applications open.  

Applicants must demonstrate:

  • an interest in rural practice and lifestyle;
  • an understanding of the realities of rural health; and
  • the motivation to undertake a placement in a rural area as part of the scheme.

Students not honouring their commitment to undertake a rural placement are required to pay back all money granted for the placement.


Who is eligible?

Rural and urban students are eligible to apply for the program.

Applicants must:

  • be Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent or temporary residents of Australia
  • have completed all university study requirements at the time of application and demonstrate this by provision of proof of enrolment
  • be a medical, nursing or allied health student studying in NSW/ACT or have completed Year 12 in a NSW/ACT high school
  • be able to complete the placement before 30 June 2022.


How do I apply?

Applications are now closed. Keep an eye on our social media for future updates on this program. 

To apply you will need to:

  1. set up a MyRDN account
  2. collect your supporting documentation
  3. submit your application via the MyRDN portal.

Applications must include a one-minute video addressing this question:

‘Tell us a bit about yourself and let us know what you hope to gain from the Outreach Student Placement Program’.

Please film your video in landscape mode. A standard video shot on a phone or computer camera is acceptable.

Once you have filmed your video, please upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video. Note: An unlisted YouTube video is a different type of private video. Only people who you provide the link to are able to view it. The video will not appear in any of YouTube’s spaces.

If you do not already have a YouTube account, you will need to create one by clicking ‘Create Account'. If you have a Gmail account, you will already have a YouTube account and can log in with your standard Gmail email address.

To upload your video:

  1. Log in to YouTube
  2. At the top of the page, click 
  3. Select Upload video
  4. Select the video to be uploaded as ‘Unlisted’ 
  5. Click  and select the video you would like to upload
  6.  While the video is uploading, you are able to edit the name and description of the video
  7. Copy the video URL and include it in your online application.


If you have any questions about this process, please call 02 4924 8000 during business hours or email students@nswrdn.com.au



“I completed my Outreach student placement with a multidisciplinary team consisting of a dietitian, diabetes educator and endocrinologist within Marathon Health in Bathurst.

“The best part of my Outreach student placement was spending up to an hour with each client, shadowing the diabetes educator, which allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the patients views on their disease management.

“A part of the placement that surprised me was being involved in cooking classes as a service to patients with diabetes. It was great to see how these classes flowed through to consultations and provided practical advice on disease management in a positive and social way.

“The placement opened my eyes to the way a multidisciplinary team can come together to deliver services, particularly by utilising telehealth as a delivery tool to link patients in a rural community with specialist medical advice.

“I learnt a great deal from this opportunity and I would definitely recommend the Outreach placement program to my fellow students.”

Christina Goodman I Medical student, University of Sydney I 2019 scholarship recipient

Find out more 

Email students@nswrdn.com.au if you have any questions.