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Vacancy Advert Tips

The following tips will assist you to prepare your vacancy advertisement:

Include details on what your organisation has to offer a prospective employee, such as:

  • Support staff, facilities, access to other specialists
  • On-call roster details
  • Leave provisions

Describe your town and what it has to offer prospective new residents:

  • Schooling options - primary and secondary
  • Social outlets - sporting, cultural, recreational
  • Proximity to larger towns/cities

Include any other details that will encourage enquiries from suitable applicants and discourage enquiries from unsuitable applicants without being inappropriately prejudiced or discriminatory.

Include photos of your town, practice and surrounding attractions to make your ad visually enticing.

When you complete the details of your ad, you will have the option to include an appropriate website address (e.g. local council website). If you have a preference for a website to link to your ad, please have the address ready to provide. If you do not specify a web address, personnel from the NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) will select one for you.

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