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The Succession Planning model on this web page comprises 21 steps. It is a tool that rural GPs can use to create their own Succession Plan. You can work through the steps one by one until you have completed your plan. This may require a number of sessions on the site.

Read the instructions on how to create your online Succession Plan.

Resources to assist the planning process
View a de-identified example of a Succession Plan created by a NSW rural GP.
View a list of organisations that can assist you with the Succession Planning process.

Maintaining confidentiality
One potential challenge of the succession planning process lies in maintaining the doctor's preferred level of confidentiality. Because the doctor cannot realistically plan without consulting a range of colleagues, staff and other professionals, the potential is great for 'word to get out', for partial truths or misinformation to be spread, or for the planning process to be misconstrued as definite proposals to leave town in the short term. The community response to these perceptions may be less than desirable, even to the point of affecting the doctor's client base.

With this in mind, it may be wise to consider issues of confidentiality and clear communication before consulting individuals during the planning process. The doctor may find that in some cases it is preferable to seek advice from outside the local community.

Statement of security of the website
The information you enter in the Succession Planning module is secure. Only you can access the information you provide via your personal log in. The details you enter are stored securely in the NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) website database that is virus protected. We keep non-identifiable statistics in order to determine how many people visit the Succession Planning web pages. We can also determine how many plans have been started and completed without any identifying information being available to us. Should you not wish to complete your plan or should you wish to delete the information you've provided you can do so at any time.

To obtain a CD or hard copy of the Succession Planning model or details about the model or pilot project, please call RDN on 02 4924 8000.