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Financial Assistance

To help offset the cost of a locum, RDN may offer travel subsidies to eligible GPs or supply subsidised RDN-employed locums where available.

Independent Locum Doctors - Travel Subsidies

Independent Locum Doctors (ILD) are the majority of the locum workforce. ILDs offer flexibility to negotiate rates and dates. Where an ILD is registered with RDN, and a GP requests a locum through RDN, a travel subsidy may be approved. The subsidy is to be paid to the locum GP if they are organising and paying for their own travel. Alternatively, if the host practice organises and pays for travel, the subsidy can be paid to the practice.

RA Location

1-3 GP locum days worked 4-5 GP locum days worked 6-20+ GP locum days worked Max. annual allowance/GP
ILD travel subsidies:

2 #

$400 $600 $800 Up to $1400 pa
3 $600 $800 $1000 Up to $1800 pa
4 $800 $1000 $1200 Up to $2200 pa
5 $1000 $1200 $1600 Up to $2800 pa

 # Locums engaged by an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS) in an RA1 location are eligible for the same subsidy as if it was an RA2 location.

View RDN's ILD Travel Subsidy Policy.


RDN-employed Locums

RDN-employed locums are subcontracted to practices at a subsidised fee for a minimum of two weeks. Service is provided to GPs in RA 2-5 locations with priority given to towns of less than 3 GPs in more rural areas. Subsidised locums may be offered for up to four weeks in a year, after which full-fee recovery rate is charged.

To discuss the cost of an RDN-employed GP Locum please call RDN on 02 4924 8000 or email us.