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If you're a high school or university student interested in Rural General Practice experience or rural health scholarships, you've come to the right place! Right now is an exciting time to be involved in Rural General Practice with many opportunities and options open to you for a future career as a Rural General Practitioner.

If you're interested in general practice, check out our Early Career Doctors page, the Going Places Network website and General Practice Student Network website.

If you're interested in working in the country, check out Rural Preferential Recruitment, a preferential recruitment process for final year medical graduates who wish to work in rural facilities across New South Wales. 

For information about scholarship opportunities, browse our Scholarships Database and for advice on what to consider before applying for a scholarship, read Scholarships - Things to Consider.

For rural and regional students looking for help with tertiary study, the Country Education Foundation of Australia's Scholarships Guide is definitely worth a look http://engage.cef.org.au/directory/scholarship. The Guide contains over 1,000 scholarships from grants for textbooks to university fees and living expenses.

For students embarking on a career in medicine, Keeping Your Grass Greener is a must read. Produced by the Australian Medical Students’ Association and the New Zealand Medical Students’ Association, this wellbeing guide for medical students provides information on avoiding stress, distress, mental health issues, having a balanced lifestyle, resting well and relaxing, and ultimately enjoying what you do in the process of studying to become a doctor.

The National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN) have also produced some excellent resources for students undertaking rural placements. The Rural Placements Guide - How to make the most of your rural placement, has lots of useful information and tips to help you prepare and organise your rural or remote placement. The mental health guide When the Cowpat hits the Windmill, covers mental health issues faced by students while on placement in the bush.

Considering an RDN Cadetship?

Former RDN cadet Dr Lauren Cone offers a little insight into it with this short video. (Click on it to watch.)