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Registrars & Students

Comments from registrars and students about their rural NSW practice experience and support by RDN and those around them:

  • “A wonderful conference for a cadet-student." 2017 Summer Refresher Conference Delegate
  • "The take-home message of the Go Rural trip was to live life abundantly and for me that’s one of the main advantages of working rurally...in rural areas you get to know your patients and your community." Emily Neville (Medical Student, 2016 Go Rural experience)
  • "During my rural service I was offered opportunities to pursue GP procedural training. Training posts were established for me locally in our LHD. These opportunities shaped and influenced my career path." RDN Cadetship Evaluation 2004-14
  • "Influenced my decision to return to rural area, gave good comparison to my Sydney terms as a registrar, gave me confidence to leave Sydney again after Registrar training." RDN Cadetship Evaluation 2004-14
  • "I intended to complete my training in a rural hospital anyway, but having the Cadetship meant I could find out more about the rural options, and meet others who were going to do the same." RDN Cadetship Evaluation 2004-14
  • "Great support, helps one to take the plunge in committing oneself to rural practice, fun to get to know and work with other cadets (long term friendships and colleagues), financially very worthwhile, great to have junior doctors working in rural hospitals who actually wish to be there rather than being forced through compulsory rotations." RDN Cadetship Evaluation 2004-14
  • "Good experience and exposure to common medical and surgical rotations. Work closely with consultants. Don’t get ‘lost in the crowd’ - easy to get involved in work and social activities, and take on positions of leadership, which help vocational training program applications." RDN Cadetship Evaluation 2004-14
  • "I had such a wonderful experience in Bega with every health professional being so helpful and welcoming. I have enjoyed every minute of it and would love to return to do some further placements in the future. I thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity. It has truly changed my perspective about rural medicine and has certainly motivated me to work in these areas when I am qualified." Simoné Visagie, 2013 Bush Bursary recipient
  • "The financial assistance helps enormously with getting through Uni with fewer financial stresses, and doing PGY years in rural health services is generally a really fantastic experience - I found the teams more supportive, and you had greater opportunity to do interesting stuff, not just clerking/paperwork" Cadetship Evaluation Survey 2014
  • “All of the doctors I was placed with were receptive to my presence, and were happy to take the time to explain new concepts to me. Hands-on experience at this early stage of my degree was fantastic at both cementing the coursework I had already covered, and in reaffirming that rural clinical medicine is the path I want to take.” Emily Rushton, 2012 Bush Bursary recipient
  • “Most days on placement, I came face-to-face with the extra challenges of providing health in remote settings. My time in Broken Hill taught me that quality healthcare can still be delivered despite the tyranny of distance, and that it is important for my generation of up-and-coming health professionals to support each other and be innovative as we all do our bit to ensure that good healthcare is accessible to all Australians.” Dr Teena Downton, 2013 (former RDN cadet)
  • “I am a final year medical student from the University of Wollongong. I was a Bush Bursary scholar in 2010-11 and I was located in Narrabri/Wee-Waa during my placement. I had some absolutely amazing times throughout my time there, and it’s somewhat because of this, that I applied and have been given a position as a Medical Intern at Tamworth Base Hospital, commencing January 2013. All the work you do to help promote and encourage students to pursue a future in rural medicine is outstanding. Please know that your efforts 2 years ago in assisting me not only financially, but with a brilliant medical, social and life experience, has encouraged me to return to the same area.” Rhys Harding, 2012 (University of Wollongong medical student and former RDN scholar)
  • “The placement was extremely educational. I observed procedures I’d never seen before, both in a GP and hospital setting. Prior to this placement, I was interested in rural practice but didn’t know much about it. Now I feel I’ve seen and experienced it, it is very appealing. Everyone is so friendly and cares for everyone else in the community.” Hannah Lee, 2012 (RDN Bush Bursary recipient)
  • “It has been great to have my GP training in rural areas. I really enjoy being a rural GP.” General Practitioner Survey, August 2011
  • "RDN provides young doctors going into General Practice the opportunity to develop proper GP skills." Rural GP, 2010