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GP Locums

Some comments from GP Locums about their rural NSW locum experience and support by RDN and those around them:

  • "RDN is very supportive in case of need." GP Locum Survey 2016
  • "I had an incredible, enriching experience in Moree & I could not have expected such a wonderful crew to work with. I undertook the work for 6 months before beginning surgical training. I'll be honest, it made a huge impression on me. I may well be back one day to rural GP practice." GP Locum Survey 2014
  • "I enjoy the variety of work, not getting involved in Practice politics! A great way to see NSW and enjoy semi-retirement." GP Locum Survey 2014
  • "Thoroughly enjoyed working in rural & remote regions of the state." GP Locum Survey 2014
  • "I have been going regularly to the same places for up to 10 years, so they have got used to me and vice versa." GP Locum Survey 2014
  • "Your organisation is the best I've worked for so far." Locum Survey May 2013
  • "All locums have been excellent - great reception/welcome, good jobs. Thanks." Locum Survey May 2013
  • "Supportive GPs and supportive staff." Locum Survey May 2013
  • "Had a great time in Narromine....back to the country and good folk!" Locum Survey May 2013
  • “I love going and doing rural locums. One of the joys is visiting and seeing different places.” Locum Survey May 2012
  • "Has been positive. Made me maintain important skills." Locum Survey May 2012
  • "I see it as worthwhile, I enjoy it, it is personally rewarding." Locum Survey May 2012
  • "I enjoyed my rural placements and found the practices in which I worked very well run." Locum Survey May 2012
  • "You get to meet some interesting people and see areas that you haven't seen before and the people are generally appreciative of you." Locum Survey May 2012
  • "I am really enjoying the opportunity to work in different parts of Australia. It’s great to get into the country and out of Sydney! Have enjoyed brushing up and reskilling - the ELS course was great. A wonderful opportunity all around - for both Dr and the practices they go to." Locum Survey May 2011
  • "Wonderful people who made me feel welcome and part of the team." Locum Survey May 2011
  • "Worked with Aboriginal community health services. Very friendly, easy going people. Very helpful, provided accommodation."  Locum Survey May 2010
  • "Rural GPs work very very hard and earn and deserve every cent! I have the deepest admiration for them." Locum Survey May 2009
  • "My experiences are quite positive, I have seen all sorts of interesting pathology." 2007
  • "Have enjoyed the locum experience and met several practices that I've been happy to return to. The support (with paperwork, registration, car, etc) and welcoming RDN staff have made the experience very positive." Locum Survey May 2005