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Some comments from rural NSW GPs and doctors, including OTDs, about their rural practice experience and support by RDN and those around them:

  • "Once again thanks for the great conference. I really appreciate the time and effort you put in and found the whole weekend well-organised and lots of fun!" May 2017 Anaesthetics Conference
  • "It's always wonderful to be a rural GP. I feel I am more skilled and motivated to learn ongoing due to the remote rural setting challenges." GP Survey, August 2016
  • "I love my work in Brewarrina - it is stimulating, different to my [RA2-based] practice. It encourages use of clinical skills and accumen!!" GP Survey, August 2016
  • "I have moved to a regional area for the clinical variety." GP Survey, August 2016
  • "It is great to serve in a rural-remote area as a general practitioner. It adds experience, job satisfaction and colour to your life." GP Survey, August 2016
  • "Compulsory rural training and the 10 yr moratorium bought me to this area. However, I have been VERY happy living in rural Australia and plan to permanently live in rural/non-metro areas." GP Survey, August 2016
  • "40 years of general practice has been a fulfilling, challenging and enormously rewarding career. Rural practice has been the highlight of my career and the idea of relocating to a capital city was never an option because the quality of life in the rural setting is so much better." Rural GP Survey August 2015
  • "I remain very satisfied with my decision to practice in a rural location. Looking back, a rural placement … when I was a medical student contributed to my decision to go rural." Rural GP Survey August 2015
  • "I love working rurally. General practice is so much more rewarding with more variety for pursuing special interests." Rural GP Survey August 2014
  • "I love working in Broken Hill, people are friendly, community is nice, you are valued as an individual, supervisors are very supportive and less commute time." Rural GP Survey August 2014
  • "Rural practice is interesting and also you can take care of patients properly, as they do not change from one practice to other frequently." Rural GP Survey August 2014
  • "I am very thankful to RDN and the staff who placed me in NSW rural general practice. I believe I give a lot to this community as a genuine caring GP and this town and people give a lot to me and my family." Rural GP Survey August 2014
  • "I am enjoying my time in rural Grafton which has all the facilities I need including excellent schools for my children and good shopping facilities. There are also good leisure and sports activities." Rural GP Survey August 2014
  • “It’s the delights of the patient population that so touch me. People have amazing stories and backgrounds, they are incredibly appreciative and welcoming.” Sydney-based Dr Meg Higgins of her GP outreach service for the Lightning Ridge Aboriginal community, 2013
  • “We enjoy the sense of community that comes from living in a small town. When you’re a GP in a rural town you’re an automatic part of the community.” Dr Tim Rumball, 2012 - read more in Dr Tim Rumball Profile (PDF, 110KB)
  • “I have loved being a rural GP. Very rewarding to know that you have been valued. It’s exciting to see younger doctors taking it up with enthusiasm, and a better sense of work/life balance.” GP Survey August 2012
  • “In the bush, people sometimes think it’s isolating but there are so many things you can do if you think laterally. You get involved in things, mix with the people and be part of the community.” Retired GP Dr Keith Beck, 2011
  • "I am very proud of having been a country doctor for 30+ years. Country medicine has given me a wonderful life for which I am truly grateful." GP Survey 2010
  • "I am very happy working with the Aboriginal Health Services. The staff here are very polite both to the patients and to each other. I would recommend any doctor who is considering work in rural area to take up a position with the Aboriginal Health Services." 2007
  • "Working in Rural Community is great experience, more valued, regard from patients, more self satisfaction, more patients and can get more opportunity to earn more and to get learning opportunities." 2006
  • "Still enjoying rural practice very much. The ability to do VMO work at the local hospital is a great advantage especially the A&E work, as it provides variety after so long in general practice. Also very much enjoying the country lifestyle...I feel more integrated into the community." 2006
  • "I am happy to work as a GP in this small community, people really appreciate our work, and as an international trained doctor I feel that I am a valued by the community.” GP Survey 2004
  • "I love my work and the contact with people it brings. I’ve now delivered the baby of a baby! I like the cradle to grave contact and no regrets being here." GP Survey 2003