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Other Grants

In addition to GP grants that RDN facilitates, the options listed below are administered by other organisations. For more information about these, please refer to the administering organisations.


General Practice Rural Incentives Program

The General Practice Rural Incentives Program (GPRIP) aims to encourage medical practitioners to practise in regional, rural and remote communities and to promote careers in rural medicine through the provision of financial incentives. 

Medical practitioners must provide eligible healthcare services in rural and remote locations and meet the continuous service requirements.

More about GPRIP and recent changes.


Rural Procedural Grants Program

The Rural Procedural Grants Program (RPGP) is an initiative of the Australian Government. It provides financial assistance for procedural GPs in rural and remote areas to access relevant activities in order to assist them in maintaining or updating their skills. The program has two components:

  • GPs practising emergency medicine

Grants up to a maximum of three days training at $2,000 per day or a total of $6,000 per GP per financial year. This is available to GPs practising emergency medicine in a 24-hour accident and emergency facility in RA 2-5 locations. GP Registrars with independent, unsupervised rights to practice emergency medicine may also be eligible.

  • GPs practising in surgery, anaesthetics and/or obstetrics

Training grants of $2,000 per day to a maximum of $20,000 per GP per financial year. This is available to GPs practising in surgery, anaesthetics or obstetrics in RA 1*- 5 locations. (*Doctors in RA 1 locations must meet additional eligibility criteria).


Applications and eligibility criteria for the RPGP can be obtained from either the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) or the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM). You are not required to be a member of either college to apply but you must register with the program through the RACGP or ACRRM before you attend an education event for which you want to lodge a claim.