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How can RHPP assist you?

What is the Rural Health Professionals Program (RHPP)?

It’s a Federal Government funded program and is a FREE service to employers in remote, rural and regional NSW to help recruit and retain nurses and allied health professionals in those areas. 

The program provides a relocation funding package to successful applicants which can be utilised over 2 years for eligible nursing and allied health professionals while the RDN team provides support during this time to assist in retention efforts.

The aim of the program is to improve the health of people in remote, rural and regional towns by increasing access to primary healthcare professionals.

Eligible Roles

  • Must be predominantly primary healthcare (51%+) which may include outpatient clinics, community health, community mental health, health promotion activities, aged care, general practice.
  • Must be a minimum of 0.4 FTE and contracts of minimum 12 months’ duration.

Eligible Professions

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers
  • Audiology
  • Diabetes Education    
  • Dietetics/Nutrition
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Medical Imaging (Radiography, Sonography) 
  • Nursing & Midwifery 
  • Orthotics and Prosthesis
  • Pharmacy                                
  • Physiotherapy                                                                 
  • Psychology and Mental Health Professions    
  • Social Work 
  • Speech Pathology                                          
  • Occupational Therapy                                    
  • Podiatry                                                          
  • Dental Hygienists (Oral Therapist).                 

Eligible Locations

  • RA2-5 (Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) may be located in RA1s).
  • Applicants must be moving to a more rural location i.e. an applicant from RA1 must move to an RA2-5 location; from RA2, must move to 3-5; RA3 must move to 4-5; etc. 
  • The program uses the ASGC-RA (Australian Standard Geographic Classification – Remoteness Area) classification where RA1 is metropolitan and RA5 is very remote. Refer to the DoctorConnect map to confirm the relevant RA classification for your location.

RDN's Experience

RDN's experienced recruitment and retention teams have helped hundreds of GPs, nurses and allied health professionals relocate throughout rural and regional NSW. We understand that it can be a daunting challenge to move you and your family to a new town and we are here to assist you through that process.