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Employers - Nursing & Allied Health

Rural Health Workforce (Australia) is running a national program to recruit and retain more nurses and allied health professionals into rural and remote areas, in conjunction with NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) and other Rural Workforce Agencies (RWAs). The Rural Health Professional Program (RHPP) aims to improve the health of people in rural, regional and remote Australian communities by strengthening and sustaining health services and increasing access to primary health care professionals.

RDN assists employers with recruitment of nurses and allied health professionals to rural New South Wales at no charge to the employer, and provides free case-management for the recruit. Applicants may be eligible for financial support and both domestic and international nurses and allied health professionals can be recruited under the program.

The program applies to nursing and allied health professionals (including Aboriginal health workers) predominantly engaged in primary health care in RA2-5 locations.

RDN offers a partnership approach to assist employers in recruiting the right person for the role.

How does RHPP benefit employers?

RDN offers employers the following benefits through the Rural Health Professionals Program:

  • Assistance at no cost – the benefits of an experienced recruitment agency without the fees.
  • Assistance to promote vacancies and source applicants.
  • Case management approach with applicants to match them to the best job opportunity and overcome any uncertainty about relocating.
  • Partnership approach with employers using RDN’s existing expertise in recruiting and retaining General Practitioners in rural NSW.
  • Facilitate links between Local Health Districts, PHNs and private practitioners to ensure viability of services in the smaller rural and more remote towns.
  • Thorough screening of applicants to ensure their eligibility for registration as well as suitability and preparedness for rural relocation.
  • Work with the whole family to address their needs and prepare them for the challenges of relocation.
  • Work with towns to emphasise the importance of local input into successful recruitment and retention.
  • Link recruits with Continuing Professional Development opportunities and appropriate professional networking, mentoring and supervision.

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