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Resilience, Recharge and Recovery


What is the RRR Program?

The Resilience, Recharge and Recovery (RRR) Program is an RDN initiative that aims to strengthen the conversation about mental health and support the wellbeing of remote, rural and regional health professionals in NSW. The RRR Program will provide tools and resources to help health professionals enhance their wellbeing and capability. RDN anticipates this Program will have a positive impact on workforce capability, and in turn, the patients accessing health care in remote, rural and regional communities.


Why has the RRR Program been developed?

In recent years, rural NSW has faced unprecedented challenges in the face of natural disaster and emergency. Drought, fire, flood and COVID-19 have caused havoc on communities, with many of these events being drawn out and difficult.

RDN is aware that these events are compounding stresses rural health professionals already face and wants to help them navigate these challenging times.

As part of the RRR Program, we have created a dedicated wellbeing platform, #RuralHealthTogether, where you can access self-care information for you and your patients.


A message of thanks and support from the NSW Governor to the rural health professionals of NSW



Goals and aims of the RRR Program

The goal of RRR is to enhance the capability of the NSW rural health workforce. To achieve this, it aims to:

  • raise awareness and encourage conversations and acceptance of the importance of mental health, wellbeing and self-care
  • provide access to evidence-based tailored mental health and self-care initiatives for health professionals
  • improve the health workforce capability of rural health professionals engaged within the RRR Program.


Health workforce capability

A common thread across RDN’s activities is supporting health workforce capability and RDN is building an understanding of this concept and its impact on the retention of the rural health workforce.

RDN defines capability in the context of rural health workforce as what makes up the whole of the person. This includes clinical competence and confidence; valued continuing professional development options; emotional, physical, ‘spiritual’ and cultural wellbeing; family wellbeing and stability; social connectedness; financial stability and security; working on a purpose that matters to the individual; healthy and effective workplaces; and a healthy environment and positive workplace relationships.

Read more about the concept of health workforce capability in Capability…what's in a word?, published in the Journal for Rural and Remote Health.


Working in collaboration

RDN values collaboration and is working with several organisations to deliver initiatives under the RRR Program. nib foundation is providing funding to develop self-care and wellbeing resources that will be available to healthcare professionals through RDN's online platform, Rural Health Pro, which connects people and organisations who care about keeping rural communities healthy.


Ongoing review

RDN will monitor and review the success of the RRR Program to improve future activities and inform the broader health sector of effective strategies to enhance health workforce capability.


Stay in touch

The RRR Program will continue to grow with new tools and resources. Keep in touch with the latest developments:


For more information on the RRR Program contact KMU@nswrdn.com.au