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Alternative Models of Practice

Data on the non-traditional arrangements that some communities in rural Australia have made to support general practice services in their town, can be accessed through the NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) database.

This database is designed to enable communities, organisations and individuals to search the strategies that others have used successfully in setting up alternative models of general practice. These models can be adapted for the benefit of other towns. Contact details are provided if further information on an individual town is required or call the Manager of Rural Medical Services Initiatives at RDN on 02 4924 8000.

Data is gathered by survey and updated as new information comes to hand. The database can be searched by town or by survey question, which have been divided into the following sections:

• Project Details
• History of the Project
• The Surgery and/or Service Premises
• The Practice
• Information Technology Arrangements
• Staffing
• Services Provided
• Other Arrangements.

For more information that can help communities in rural areas to consider ways of improving and retaining local medical services, download the following RDN guides:

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