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COVID-19 support

RDN recognises the numerous changes and challenges facing primary health care settings across Australia as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, including concerns for the health and wellbeing of health professionals themselves.

We are continuing to support the rural health workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our efforts are focusing on providing support services to rural health professionals and communities, and moving to digital delivery platforms where possible to deliver our development and training offerings.

Government updates

Check the NSE and Australian government websites for the latest information about COVID-19. 


Mental health and self-care resources on #RuralHealthTogether

On #RuralHealthTogether you can find information and support for looking after your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


RDN Virtual Health Workforce Register and Matching Service

We recognise the importance of an agile and responsive health workforce during these rapidly changing and uncertain times.

Given current social distancing requirements, RDN is mobilising a telehealth workforce as a valuable resource to help communities in regional and rural areas of Australia maintain access to healthcare. 


> What type of support is needed?

RDN is working with its partners and members to better clarify their needs. A clearer view of the type and level of support required will continue to emerge in the coming weeks and months. Some examples of support may, however, include:

  • A General Practitioner or nurse based in their home town, providing telehealth consultations to a remote location.
  • Practice Managers providing remote leadership and support to a site where a practice manager has been impacted by COVID-19.
  • A recently retired health professional assisting in their area of expertise.
  • Individuals with practice administration experience providing remote support to a practice where non-clinical staff are currently focused on implementing infection control mechanisms.


> Virtual Health Workforce - register your interest in providing support

RDN is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from GPs, nurses, allied health professionals, specialists, practice managers and administrators who can provide telehealth support to communities.

RDN will work to match individuals with sites that suit their background, skills and experience; look to provide upskilling and training in telehealth if needed; and offer onboarding support.

If you can help, please complete this Expression of Interest form and a member of the Workforce Team will be in touch.

Learn more about the Australian Government’s temporary COVID-19 telehealth Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items.



> Virtual Health Workforce Matching Service – request for support

RDN’s Matching Service aims to connect appropriate candidates with practices to provide additional or replacement workforce coverage via telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

RDN is now calling for practices in MMM2-7 locations (including general practices, allied health practices, clinics and other health sites) and NSW-based Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services to register their request for support.

RDN can also provide additional advice, resources and further contacts around telehealth enablement.

If your practice is in need of access to a virtual health workforce, please complete this form. Once submitted, RDN will be in touch to discuss your needs in more detail.



> How will the Virtual Health Workforce Matching Service work?

RDN will:

  • Check candidate registration, professional indemnity and Working with Children Check status 
  • Pass on candidates resume and other relevant documents to the practice
  • Provide candidates with onboarding, debriefing and wellbeing resources 
  • Provide candidates and practices with resources that can be used to guide telehealth set up and implementation

Host practice will:

  • Arrange and complete an interview with the candidate
  • Complete reference checks on the candidate
  • Decide whether to employ or contract the candidate 
  • Arrange an employment agreement or contract for the selected candidate
  • Pay the candidate for work completed

Candidate will:

  • Be contactable by RDN primarily via email for matching offers
  • Provide requested documents to RDN including resume and other relevant documents
  • Participate in an interview arranged by the practice and provide referees
  • Utilise the resources provided regarding onboarding and telehealth
  • Reach out for further support regarding telehealth enablement if required


Online CPD and training

RDN has been a trusted leader of rural health workforce education and training for more than 30 years, and is continuing to offer opportunities to health professionals through the COVID-19 pandemic.

To continue to support the rural health workforce, we have invested in webinar technologies and adapted our education and training programs to be delivered online for the foreseeable future.

Visit our events web page for the latest learning opportunities.  


> Health Workforce Scholarship Program

We understand COVID-19 may have impacted your ability to complete your Health Workforce Scholarship Program (HWSP) funded course, training or conference as outlined in your contract. It may be that your course, training or conference has been postponed or cancelled, or that you have had to cancel accommodation and/or travel, and you may or may not have been able to seek refunds depending on cancellation policies. Please contact us via  hwsp@nswrdn.com.au as soon as possible to discuss your options.


Outreach services


> Information for Outreach health practitioners, host facilities and subcontractors providing RDN-funded services

Whilst the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, current advice from the Department of Health, the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW and medical advisors is to maintain patient access to Outreach services.

RDN will support the continued provision of Outreach services when it is safe for the patients, communities and health practitioners involved.

RDN will uphold the principle of local discussion-making and support locally identified solutions to maintain patient access.  


> Should health practitioners continue to provide Outreach services?

RDN will support the continued provision of Outreach clinics to maintain patient access to health services when it is safe for patients, the community and health practitioners.

RDN recommends you contact the facility/ies that host your Outreach services to discuss and comply with the facility’s infection control protocols.

If you are not certain who to contact locally, please see the key contact information below or get in touch with RDN’s Outreach Team for local or regional contact information.


> What alternative methods of service delivery will be supported?

RDN will support local decision-making and solutions to maintain access to Outreach health services as the COVID-19 situation develops.

The following options are recommended if local health facilities, Outreach health practitioners and/or RDN’s Outreach subcontractors feel changes to Outreach service models are needed to provide safe Outreach clinics:

  • Explore alternative methods of Outreach service provision if needed, such as:
    • Explore telehealth service delivery options, including technology and updated Medicare Items, to provide clinics where appropriate
    • Consider safe modes of travel for Outreach health practitioners
    • Frequency and length of visits, potentially fewer, longer visits
    • Use of alternative rooms at host facility or another local clinical space
    • Consider changes to workflow and visiting health practitioner induction to comply with the host facility’s current infection control protocols and/or
    • Other locally identified solutions.
  • Health practitioners and host facilities should contact the relevant local/regional Outreach subcontractor agency (e.g. ACCHSs, LHD, PHN or NGO) to discuss support for any proposed changes.
  • Outreach subcontractor organisations and health practitioners directly contracted by RDN should contact the facility (e.g. practice or community health centre) to discuss support for any proposed changes, or contact RDN’s Outreach Team.


> Outreach contact information

RDN’s Outreach Team 

outreach@nswrdn.com.au or phone 02 8337 8100.

Local/regional Outreach subcontractor partners 

Outreach services currently funded by RDN and local partner subcontractors are (i.e. ACCHSs, LHDs, PHNs and NGOs) are listed here.


ACCHS members with emerging operational concerns or queries in relation to COVID-19 can contact the AH&MRC team on covid19@ahmrc.org.au or phone 02 9212 4777.