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RDN is now using a new recruitment system for nursing and allied health jobs. You can no longer post jobs directly. Please contact the team and we will design and post the ad for you: email us or phone 02 4924 8000.



Advertisers please note:

  • To maintain our rural NSW workforce focus, we limit the use of this resource to advertising NSW vacancies for positions that are in an RA2-5 (Australian Standard Geographical Classification - Remoteness Area) locations. Find out if your organisation is located in RA2-5 via the DoctorConnect website.
  • All ACCHSs, regardless of location, are eligible.
  • Read the Anti-Discrimination and Advertising Guidelines.
  • RDN will check the contents of each advertisement request before posting it on the vacancies web site. If it is apparent that some information is incorrect or misleading, the necessary edits will be made. If these edits are major, the advertiser will be contacted.
  • If you'd like tips on getting the most from your advertising and recruitment efforts, go to the Nursing & Allied Health Employers section of our site.